The Lamb's Book of Life

The Ark of God's New Covenant with Men

Written by the Son
of Man

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Summary of the Lamb's Book of Life in English

1st part
Fulfilment of the Scriptures

01 The good news

02 The days of the Son of man

03 The prophecy

04 The Veritable and the impostors

05 Period from John to Emmanuel

06 The sending of the Spirit of truth

07 The awakening of the conscience

08 The Shiloh

09 The two witnesses

10 The circumcision of the heart

11 Letter to the Jews

12 The trinity

13 The messianic times

14 Alteration of the world

15 The renewal of all things

16 The bases of knowledge

17 Conception of the world

18 The interpretation of science

19 The worlds of the universe

20 Observations of the real

2nd part
The cycle of the matter

21 Matter

22 The universal force

23 The magnet

24 Birth and growth of celestial bodies

25 Jupiter and its peers

26 The Sun

27 The worlds to come

28 The stellar families

29 The waves

30 Force and movement

31 The upheaval

32 The Earth and the Moon

33 The wandering bodies of the sky

34 The origin of water

35 The six days of the creation

36 The formation of the relief

37 The emergence of continents

38 Journey through the eras

39 The volcanism

40 Other geologic phenomena

3rd part
The rules of existence

41 The elements of the creation

42 Birth of humanity

43 Evolution of humanity

44 Man and his becoming

45 The just world

46 The spirit and the rules

47 Comprehension and faith

48 The bad practices

49 Judgment of nations

50 Power and money

51 The fulfilment of the prediction

52 The fall of the world

53 The last days


55 The reign of the Holy Spirit

56 The consumption of times

57 The simple life of the sanctuary

58 The preparation

59 The withdrawal

60 The new Earth

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"(29) The Almighty sent me to restore your condition of man, and to offer you today (on the evening of the world) the opportunity to enter in the temple to save your life, your soul, the world and posterity."

Part 3 Chapter 59 -The withdrawal- Victory of the Lamb, page 456

The Lamb's Book of Life
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" (31)However, make no mistakes! It takes two months to read the book of life, two years to open the eyes, two centuries to measure its benefactions, and two thousand years so that it is obvious in each. It is of a long effect."

Part 2 Chapter 26 -The Sun- page 216